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Ok, so I have recently implemented a new design on NXMD, this time I have utilised the WordPress platform which I am increasingly using more and more. I shall be using this site to update users on my projects and ‘adventures’ in the arena of design. If anyone has any comments – I would love to hear them.

At the moment, the portfolio is broadly divided into 2 areas – Web and Print, and each category is also subdivided into things like Content Management Systems, Flash Websites, Photography Websites etc … so eventually users can refine the portfolio search to suit their particular interest.

The blog will be used to post

  • project updates, ie. I have completed a new project
  • personal development and experience
  • thoughts on design trends, I am reading lots of books particularly focusing on online marketing and SEO, so I may actually split this off into a seperate topic/site as a lot of people are clearly interested in this subject
  • articles of interest to clients
  • resources and sources of inspiration

For future development I will be adding:

  • generally more content, plus archiving previous work
  • ‘free stuff’ section, sreensavers and desktop backgrounds, as I do a lot of graphic work. I have also developed several Flash image viewers for photographers so perhaps something along those lines

thats it for now …

Thanks for stopping by!


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