Peter Norrey, Film Director.

John and I had collaborated on websites prior to my current site. This time when it came to a big update I realised that the landscape had changed (again) and that social networking, links, blogs etc had all really developed what a website could be. Thankfully John had been abreast of all this and so could see a solution to my requirements. We explored the ideas of presentation, style, layout and content in a couple of meetings and I uploaded all of the media assets.

Within a day we had a site up and then just worked together tweaking the look. Most of the communication between us was via email and John was really adaptive and collaborative with my design notes.

The key to my site was that I can get in there and update and blog easily so John’s wordpress solution really is ideal. It looks great and clients remark upon it all the time. Better still it feels active and current as I’m constantly adding and developing the content for it which is creative, fun and a very useful tool.

Take a look at the completed project at


Peter Norrey, Film Director

I also designed the previous version of Peter Norrey’s website, which was designed in Flash, but this time we decided to use HTML technology that would capture better search engine results and integrate WordPress CMS to allow easy editing and updating of Peter’s Details and Showreel.

The final design is a custom built WordPress theme, with a minimalist, user friendly navigation and layout, featuring a showreel and blog section. All pages are lightweight, standards compliant and search engine optimised, using the SEO plugin for WordPress, the advantage of having a blog is that the more content you add, the more opportunities you have to climb up the search engines.

Take a look at the finished result at

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